One Nation One Health Card Scheme

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Leveraging emerging technologies to maximize e-governance in the One Nation One Health Card Scheme

Executive Summary for One Nation One Health Card scheme

1. A proprietary Digital Ledger Technology framework “ ValidLog ” is an application for the stakeholder’s in health care for:
  • Generation of verifiable, interoperable and decentralized identity for all stakeholders in the Healthcare system, utilizing a federated architecture model.
  • Storage, protection of Digital Health record and democratized sharing of Digital Health record (in consonance with the proposed DISHA Act 2018, DEPA, GDPR and HIPAA).
  • Encrypted storage of Digital Health records in the repository.

2.  Digitization of physical records leveraging AI technology: Digitization of physical records and documents using proprietary Robotic Process Automation tools that can extract data from any data source such as a scanned physical paper document and formatted in user defined templates. This system empowers authorities to attain paperless e-governance. We propose to utilize our proprietary Robotic Process Automation solution (En-Xtract) for:

  • Digitization of legacy paper-based documents into a Digital Health record.
  • Conversion of PDF and scanned records into searchable standardized digital health records, based on the Blueprint, as given by NDHM.
  • Documents categorization categorize bulk data into the required buckets of invoices, prescription, lab reports, radiology reports, discharge summaries etc. Documents from these buckets can then be extracted accordingly through proprietary Artificial Intelligence modules.
  • Rule engine to deploy rules given by the authority to further automate processes. For example: Linking Citizen under BPL category to various schemes of the government in the Healthcare sector.
  • Intelligent search engine for Citizens, Government, Healthcare facilities & workforce to efficiently browse data in documents to take informed decisions.
3. Salient features of the platform shall be:
  • Health record wallet for One Nation one Health Card scheme
  • Digitize and store documents in one place for which the citizen has unrestricted access through a Unique Health ID (Smart Card) on a govt. Repository.
  • Platform to onboard and verify all Healthcare workforce and Healthcare facilities and Healthcare authorities of the government.
  • Interoperability through unique identifiers for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, consisting of healthcare workforce, health care facilities, patient and government.
  • All parts of the supply chain are inter-connected and coordinated.
  • Encryption of data at rest and during travel utilizing 128-bit to 4096-bit encryption.
  • Distributed ledger technology architecture.
  • National Health Analytics Platform, which shall leverage anonymized healthcare data by combining information from multiple health initiatives (to provide a holistic view) through AI based predictive analytics for smart policy making.
  • A federated EHR framework for use of data (anonymized & de‐identified)  for medical research.
  • Citizen will give consent to view his/her records.
  • Increasing efficiency (via automation) of already established clinical processes.
  • Telemedicine facility for consulting healthcare providers remotely.
  • Queue management system for Healthcare providers and citizens.
  • Communication platform for healthcare workforce.
  • Intelligent Search Engine for Healthcare facility and workforce.
  • Monitoring of vaccine inoculation for citizens.

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