Contract Management System (CMS) With Electronic Measurement Book (eMB)

In consonance with the vision of the Prime Minister’s Digital India Mission, the Electronic-Measurement Book (eMB) along with Contract Management System (CMS) software platform is proposed to be developed. This shall consist of automation of records pertaining to core financial and technical administration of contracts along with the Contract Management System platform being executed by the organization. This shall include all stakeholders associated with it namely: Department, Contractors and Audit authorities.

eMB along with CMS shall create transparency in the entire system and reduce manual intervention, increase efficiencies, automate the system, thus eliminating errors in the Pre-bid query, Contract Management phase and Post-Contract Management phase process, leading to better Contract Management and reducing possibilities of Arbitration. This shall entail four stakeholders:

  1. Administrator(s) of the Platform
  2. Bidders (asking the queries in Pre-bid Query phase only)
  3. Replier(s) of the query raised during Pre-bid query, Contract-Management and Post-Contract Management phase.
  4. Contractors of the Project

Each stakeholder shall have their own portals i.e., Admin dashboard, Bidder/Contractor Portal, Replier dashboard

Advantages of CMS

  1.  Increase efficiencies, reduce manual interventions and eliminate errors in the all phases of the Contract Management process.
  2. Maintain consistency in replies from different Projects/Departments in the organization leading to lesser chances of Arbitration.
  3. Timely replies by designated repliers.
  4. Reminders sent automatically to designated repliers as per the Cut-off date and time.
  5. Transparency in overall management of Pre-bid query, Contract Management and Post-Contract Management process.
  6. Cutting edge Proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to Intelligently extract clauses from uploaded documents, prompt suggested replies to the designated replier based on Historical data of type of projects, queries and their replies and perform data validation on invoices.
  7. Maintenance of a Digital Audit Trail for the Digital management of Contracts and a Historical query database which can be of great use for purposes such as changing/re-wording of a clause, which is leading to more queries or leading to arbitrations.
  8. The software is customizable according to the Organization’s requirements and has the facility of on-premise deployment, leading to maximum security of data.
  9. eMB-CMS is registered on GEM platform as an OEM seller.

salient features of CMS


  1. The software platform shall be developed on futuristic, state of the art technologies available around the world, which shall be integrable with currently existing legacy systems. Standard security features such as Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), DDOS, Cross-site request forgery (CSRF), Cross-site scripting (XSS), Content Security Policy (CSP), Clickjacking etc. shall be part of the platform.
  2. The software platform shall have a Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) system for the users which shall have the facility of a super administrator and administrators at various levels. The entire hierarchy of the department, audit authorities and contractors shall be mapped to 9 hierarchical users. Further, features for onboarding entities with adequate security systems such as provision of Time-based OTP (TOTP)/biometrics shall be included. Provision of Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) operations shall also be included.


a. Creation of Organisation Structure
  • Update Department
b. User Management
  • Create user using file Upload
  • Create, Update and Delete Users
  • Managing permissions and resources for Users
  • Assigning and managing User roles
  • Verification on Email for users using OTP
  • Creation of queries from PDF, Excel or Scanned files- from requests received on email/letter from prospective bidders/Contractors
  • Assigning queries raised to repliers received from prospective bidders/Contractors (both online and email/letter).
  • Manage notifications and cut-off dates
c. Create Clause
  • Standard clauses
  • Specific clauses
d. Create Project (For each Phase of the Contract)
  • Manually or Based on Excel file containing Unique Project Number.
  • Upload clauses
  • Upload Project related file
e. The eMB platform shall have all the necessary features for digital management of contracts. This shall include the following:-
  • Creation and demarcation of hierarchy for the administration of the contract
  • Issuance of Work Order to the contractor by designated authority (done by two different hierarchical users).
  • Appointment of Audit officer for the contract (done by a hierarchical user)
  • Demarcating hierarchy for the administration of the contract (only up to one step lower) including allotment of third-party digital signatures (done by a hierarchical user)
  • Completion of demarcation of hierarchy for the administration of the contract by all designated stakeholders of the department
  • Uploading Bill of Quantities (BoQs), Deviation Orders (DOs) etc. This shall be done at the level of done by two different hierarchical users. This shall also include identification of line-items that are freakishly high or low.
  • Automation of Measurement Book (MB) now being referred to as eMB to include creation, editing, digital signature of the same.
  • Automation of mathematical calculations used for the process of measurement, which shall have both standard and customizable formulas.
  • Uploading of images, drawings, invoices for reference as inputs to elaborate line-items in an eMB
  • Extraction of data from project related documents such as invoices to ensure duplicate invoices are not processed and paid
  • Creation of Abstract of quantities from eMB’s
  • Creation of RAR/Final bill from Abstract of quantities
  • Generation of Final eMB on posting of Final bill.
  • Generation of project wise Monthly Expense Reports (MER).
  • Flow of documents and method of payment in the hierarchical chain (Including Audit Authorities) specified for a project by the designated authority in the department on the eMB platform shall be as per the client
  • Management of material and equipment held by the department including reports and returns
f. The CMS platform consists of Contract management and Post-Contract Management
  • In the contract management and post-contract management phase the physical progress, financial progress, and resource management (to include Equipment utilization and Consumption of Stores) along with reports and returns shall be managed by this platform. In addition, the contractors’ queries for the Live projects shall be uploaded on the platform by the Administrator in an Excel file format and intelligent replies from the Historical data provided by the client shall be offered as suggested replies. It shall also have the facility of extraction of clauses from the general and specific contracts file, and clause-to-project mapping through a unique tender number.

BIDDER (for Pre-bid query phase only)

a. Registration
b. OTP verification of Email
c. Login
d. Projects
i. View Live Projects with their clauses
ii. Ask Query on:-
  • General
  • Standard Clauses
  • Specific Clauses
  • Project File
  • Miscellaneous
iii. Submit Query
e. View query status
f. Notifications

CONTRACTORS (for Contract-Management and Post-Contract Management Phase)

a. Data to be uploaded on the platform through Excel files

REPLIER (All phases of the Contract)

a. Login using verified credentials
b. View query received from Bidders and Admin in Pictorially assigned buckets
c. Get notifications based on Cut-off date and time as set by the Admin periodically.
d. Reply
  • By generating own custom reply.
  • By using the Suggested reply feature, utilizing AI algorithm based on Historical data of type of projects, queries and their replies for each the three phases as described above.
e. Print replies individually or in a group to get approval from the authority.
f. Approve replies: All approved replies go into the Historical database for continuous improvement in the Smart Suggested replies algorithm.


Products listed on GEM as OEM

Products listed on GEM (Government e-Marketplace) platform in the OEM category, under the sub-category “Artificial Intelligence, Big-data and Analytics”. Details are as under:

Name: Contract Management System
Title on Market Place: ENVIRYA–ENVIRYA PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED Artificial Intelligence, Big data & Analytics
Product ID: 3700677-83150411864
Category: Artificial Intelligence, Big data & Analytics
Model: CMS V01
Trademark: Envirya (Artificial Intelligence Software)
Trademark number: 4971700

Name: Pre-bid Query Management System
Title on Market Place: ENVIRYA–ENVIRYA PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED Artificial Intelligence, Big data & Analytics
Product ID: 5116877-93322256993
Category: Artificial Intelligence, Big data & Analytics
Model: PBQMS-122001 V1.0
Trademark: Envirya (Artificial Intelligence Software)
Trademark number: 4971700

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