company overview

Envirya Projects Private Limited is a CBRN Defence & AI start-up incubated with IIT-Kanpur

The company along with its key partners provides Turnkey solutions in the space of CBRN Defence shelters, Silent Room for anti-Espionage and EMP Hardening of critical assets, through high technology electric and electronic components, measuring devices and systems, high technology gas sensors and gas filters and measuring devices and providing EM simulations and reliability audits incorporating Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Strategic Defence & Security

Turnkey solutions for various innovative technologies in hardware and software domains for application in “EMP shielding”, aiding in “EMP Defence” and “EMP/IEMI/TEMPEST shielding”, to create “Silent Rooms” meant to effectively curtail/stop Espionage and protect systems and data from the adversary. We also have vast experience in establishing critical infrastructure like VIP bunkers, operational rooms, silos, communication shelters, data centres etc.

CBRN Defence Shelter for direct and indirect attacks

Defence from Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear strikes by hardening of critical assets against the said threats by providing VIP bunkers, Operational rooms, Silos, Communication shelters etc.

Silent Room

To protect against espionage. An Electromagnetic & Acoustics shielded enclosure to form a completely “sealed” six-sided space with provision for Power, Air-conditioning air-inlets & air exhausts and data connectivity. This room works on the principle of a Faraday’s cage, providing a controlled environment, free from Electromagnetic Interference and ambient RF & Acoustic signals from entering or exiting the room.

EMP & IEMI Hardening

Mitigate EMP hazards both intentional and natural and protect sensitive electronic

equipment over a large area such as:-

  • Communications infrastructure.
  • Sensitive electronic components
    in the electrical grid.
  • Datacentres, computers and computer systems, and other essential electronic equipment
    in critical infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence: RPA

Building cutting edge RPA platform for SME and Large enterprises, with military grade security to empower your business with today’s cutting edge digital workforce capabilities by automating processes,thereby unleashing human potential by liberating them from manual and tedious tasks.

Contract Management System

Intelligent platform for automation of records pertaining to core financial and technical administration of contracts.

Intelligent Search Engine

Search and obtain accurate results from various scanned PDF files (having extracted data/metadata)


Extracts data of your choice from documents & images having multiple layouts.

One Nation One Health Card Scheme

Leveraging emerging technologies to maximize e-governance in the One Nation One Health Card Scheme.

Claims & Fraud Management in Healthcare

Provide fast, accurate and economical processing of health insurance claims.

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